played a kid today who kept yelling about he was the best the best the best. and he waaas good. must of been 8 years old, i've never seen anything like him. course i had to friendly him just to teach him a lesson. i know i know. but whatever


new round of pics. not that cool.

awesome. keep 'em coming


Clan roster

here's our current clan list. sadly, we had to boot a couple guys: fncb and alarion523.

Richard Rittenhouse:
peltier element
Peter Roscoe: Soul SnIper67
Craig O'Brien: De da mare
Keith Hedgepeth: army 0f on3
Ernest Deen: blue ribband
Richard Boehm: circuitry 34
Eric Marte: Psych0 Mantis
Allen Huggins: nOneQuationhUnter
John Stowers: 36704I V I G 3 R P
Ben Espinosa: hotdogmalfunction